Morgan Westerbeck was born in Nashville, TN, where she currently lives and works. 
An avid lover of all things creative, she spent her childhood drawing, painting, and writing. Like many kids born in the 90’s, Morgan was an amphibian of the digital age, spending hot summer days on her family’s hobby farm feeding chickens, building clubhouses, and running barefoot on gravel while also fostering creativity and connection indoors through games like The Sims and Neopets. Her memories of these seasons have stayed with her well into her adult life as she attempts to navigate a much more complex world while maintaining that same joyous love of games, stories, and exploration. Pairing the nostalgia of childhood with darker elements of modern adult life, Morgan hopes to connect the past and present through her work in a way that loosely tells her story and still leaves room for viewers to see their own stories as well.

Determined to consistently grow as an artist and expand her knowledge of different tools and concepts, Morgan works with digital illustration, ceramics, design, writing, and many other creative ventures in addition to her main body of oil paintings. In her personal life, she expresses herself through her love of fashion, interior design, and cooking.